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Thread: The server is ending

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    Default The server is ending

    Hi, sweeties.

    Finally the end of the server is near. Thank you all for trying to beat us. Better luck for your future servers.
    Maailma Ime (tase 99) 11:12:15 . valmib kell 21:44 t.
    Maailma Ime (tase 100) 24:56:05 . valmib kell 11:28 t.

    The HL alliance will write some last greetings to all s1 players after the server has ended. So stay tuned, you will want to read those testimonials.
    Also some of us have agreed to give out our passwords so that anyone can go and see how we have build our accounts. Hopefully you have learned a lot from us. We have had a lot of fun teaching you how to play. =)

    Kisses, Nikita

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    Where is is write what we need read your testimonials,its your belief.If we made mistakes,u must not rub someone´s nose in it.And u know rules says password not get another players.


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    Mis ta ajab? Pole mingit 100 tasemele ehitamas hetkel!!!

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    yes, but she means that the level 99 is building up, and the level 100 is in queue (plus account has queues)

    edit he-> she, she's bit sensitive about the gender she's spoken as... sorry darling didn't mean to, but I've just gotten used to this anonymous web and refer everybody as "he" (not as male, but as general "unknown")
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    Hey for everybody from my side also. I have to agree to Nikita .. it has been fun indeed. In this server i built up my account a bit different way. More supportive activityes. We wish everybody good luck in the other servers as well

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    Will you start again in this server?(The HL triple alliance?) when it restarts?

    We would like a rematch especially me with liisu

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    Never say something is certain when its not. You never know what EE / TRIUM may come up with in the last minutes/hours.

    At the moment it looks like the very 1st estonian server is gonna end tomorrow 11:28 and all estonians are doomed to serve The One Ring in eternal darkness as ringwraihts (nazgul). =)

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    not S1 I don't think so, but in speed there are some peeps that are starting there (this was the last server EVER for me)

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    nagu ma aru olen sanud siis kohe uuesti ei alga esimene servu või hakkab?

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    Quote Originally Posted by erx777 View Post
    nagu ma aru olen sanud siis kohe uuesti ei alga esimene servu või hakkab?
    nats ikka vahet ka

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