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Thread: Odium / SQN

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    Default Odium / SQN

    Someone can confirm me that these allies are in conflict??

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    I can confirm. The alliances arent at war officially, but atleast BaltSQN is sending fearce attacks at odium and they have lost a number of villages o happy day.

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    29 Jun Player (money) [Odium] removed together with all villages Player (mar17ten) [Odium] captured village kotkas players`s (Lembitu) [+KP+] also has named it The Dunder Mifflin
    [27 Jun Player (UOSA-LT) [BALTSQN] captured village The Empire players`s (money) [Odium]
    Player (krokodill14) [A.C.SQN] captured village Kotka 2. players`s (2kotkasilma) [Odium] also has named it Rippsild
    Player (toits76) [Odium] based village gänkster 7
    Player (sarikaduja) [Odium] based village 5. Booyah!
    Player (minnike) [Odium] based village minni küla 5
    Player (hurbo) [Odium] based village Auküla
    Player (mars) [Odium] based village asum 5
    Player (sarikaduja) replaced alliance [Odium II] on [Odium]
    Player (andri23) replaced alliance [Odium II] on [Odium]
    Player (konso) replaced alliance [Odium II] on [Odium]
    Player (Indrek Suur) replaced alliance [Odium II] on [Odium]
    Player (maret1) left an alliance [Odium]
    Player (karrvane) left an alliance [Odium]
    26 Jun Player (tonal) [A.C.SQN] captured village JPS2 players`s (JaanusP) [Odium] also has named it 08

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    I am in the SQN family(not gonna tell which one)but there have been some provocative attacks from odium.And of course SQN members got mad and attacked them back.

    The war Isn't official at the moment,but when it is the SQN family will be working together against them.

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    It is not war. Odium started attacks with catas. That usualy means they want war. But the attacks were maybe two - three days. So that is very stupid. If they started attacks they must finish or to be destroyed.

    However many players in both families (especialy at summer) are very inactive so this is funny war almost without damage Not real war.

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